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C-sections are not the easy way out

Having an emergency c-section sucked. It was not an easy way out and it was certainly not my choice. After giving it my all pushing for 3.5 hours and suffering in excruciating pain, the last thing I wanted was to be cut open. For weeks leading up to my delivery I prayed that I wouldn’t… Continue reading C-sections are not the easy way out

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rediscovering amanda since becoming mom

Have you ever looked at a woman and thought “wow, she really let herself go,” or “she’s changed so much since the baby”? Or maybe you’ve looked into the mirror and thought those things about yourself. That’s how I’ve been feeling about myself lately and it got me thinking… I’ll be the first to admit… Continue reading rediscovering amanda since becoming mom

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A letter to my son in the womb

My Dearest Jack, I’ve carried you around for nine months now and to be truthful, I haven’t fully appreciated or enjoyed being pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I love the miracle that you are, feeling your kicks, knowing you are safe with me and anticipating the day I get to see your face. But pregnancy… Continue reading A letter to my son in the womb

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my definition of success has changed

From the time I was little I dreamed of being extremely successful. At the time, success meant climbing the career ladder, living in a big city, and going on adventures. Let me tell you about my career journey. I graduated college with a degree in public communication — unsure of what doors that might open,… Continue reading my definition of success has changed


everything really does happen for a reason

Sometimes you can’t see it, other times you don’t understand it, but everything happens for a reason. I truly believe this cliche one-liner always said to make someone feel better. Here’s why… Example 1: A week before I lost my grandfather and less than a month after we closed on our first home, I lost… Continue reading everything really does happen for a reason