princess lexi’s third birthday because she’s more than “just a dog”

I never have and never will have a problem admitting my obsession with Lexi. She’s never been “just a dog” to me. Her heart is huge. She is the sweetest, kindest soul. I often say the biggest issue we have with her is her constant need to love and be loved. But really, that’s a problem I want with my dog.

She’s brought so many smiles and happy tears to my face. She consoles me when I’m sad, excitedly and obediently joins me on many adventures and never, ever holds a grudge. Did I mention she also loves her crate, and sometimes even punishes herself when she knows she made an oopsie.

Lexi is such an incredible being that she has gracefully taken a backseat to baby Jack. As she witnesses his growth and development, she carefully shows him that she accepts him as part of the family and loves him unconditionally. I could have predicted how she’d behave (because I know she’s the best dog ever), but seeing it unfold gives me all the heart eyes!

She has stolen a piece of my heart and she knows it.

So when her birthday rolls around each March, we treat her like any member of the family! Call me crazy, but it’s fun and she loves it. Maybe I love it the most. The look in her eyes anticipating what surprise is next, tail wagging so hard it could potentially bruise a passing leg and her grateful heart saying thank you as she runs around the house playing with her new gifts. Spoiled? Maybe. Loved, appreciated and adored? Definitely. 💜

This year, I baked her a cake I found on chewy.com. Sure, you can make from scratch, but this was easy peezy and super convenient. All you need to add is water and oil.

I opted to make two small cakes so we could easily share with her friends!

It even comes with icing! You just mix with water and voila!

Yes, we sing happy birthday and blow out a candle!

Lexi got bully sticks, a bone, a singing birthday cake, Kong toy and a new bed!

Yes, I wrap some of her presents! Again, I might enjoy this more than her and she might like the wrapping paper a little more than the gift. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Now to think about doing a theme next year… hmmm! 😂

Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? I can’t be the only crazy dog mom. Am I?!


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